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The best moment
to invest in Campinas

Located in the heart of São Paulo, the most developed state in Brazil, Campinas experiences its best moment in decades, both in economic and social fields. City has never been so ready to received new investments and companies. Here, business man can count on a privileged logistics: modern roads, a cargo airport, which is the largest in Latin America, a railroad network connecting it to Santos port, the most important in the continent and one of the most beautiful bus terminals in the country, with 100% accessibility.

Besides this, other factors contribute to make Campinas a special destination. According to the United Nation, its technological is one of the most important in South Hemisphere. And its universities are among the best ones in Brazil, providing a highly qualified manpower.

Above all, quality of life is excellent in Campinas. With more than one million inhabitants, city offers diversified trade, large green areas and several entertainment, sports and cultural spaces. Its basic sanitation index is comparable to that from developed countries and its health network is one


of the best in the countries; surveillance cameras installed in city main points created a security systems, which was adopted as a reference by Federal Government.

This is not by chance that Campinas is among the ten cities, which generate more jobs in Brazil and according to a study from Getúlio Vargas Foundation, this is the best city to work in the country. Here, there is a favorable environment for good businesses, due to the reasons mentioned above and also to several fiscal incentives provided by Municipal Administration. This guide’s reader will find many other reasons to invest in the city.

Welcome to Campinas, a city to invest, produce and live in.